Watsonx: a game changer for embedding generative AI into commercial solutions

6:51 pm
November 15, 2023

## Summary

IBM’s Watsonx platform is revolutionizing how businesses embed generative AI into their operations. With intuitive tooling and support for compute-efficient, scalable workloads, Watsonx is empowering organizations to customize their AI solutions. This platform is now available to independent software vendors (ISVs) and managed service providers (MSPs) as part of IBM’s embeddable software portfolio. Watsonx allows enterprises to refine foundation models with their own domain-specific data, giving them a competitive edge and ensuring factual grounding to external sources of knowledge.

## Watsonx: A Game Changer for Embedding Generative AI into Commercial Solutions

IBM Watsonx is transforming the way enterprises of all sizes incorporate generative AI into their operations, making it easier for them to do so. At WellnessWits, an IBM Business Partner, the CEO announced the integration of Watsonx into their app, enabling patients to ask questions about chronic diseases and schedule appointments with physicians more easily.

Watsonx consists of three components: watsonx.ai, which offers intuitive tooling for powerful foundation models; watsonx.data, enabling compute-efficient, scalable workloads wherever data resides; and watsonx.governance, offering guardrails crucial to responsible implementation. These features, along with a wide range of traditional machine learning and AI functions, are now accessible to ISVs and MSPs as part of IBM’s embeddable software portfolio, supported by the IBM Ecosystem Engineering Build Lab and partner ecosystem.

The platform, along with other IBM AI applications, libraries, and APIs, enables partners to bring AI-powered commercial software to market more quickly, reducing the need for specialized talent and developer resources.

### A Platform Prioritized for Enterprise AI

IBM is committed to helping organizations create business value by incorporating generative AI. Watsonx provides the functionality enterprise developers need most, including summarization of domain-specific text, sentiment analysis-based input classification, and text content generation. The platform also supports analysis and extraction of essential information, question-answering functions, and more.

Watsonx gives ISVs the flexibility to choose models appropriate to their industry, domain, and use case. It provides access to open-source models, third-party models, and IBM’s own Granite models, while also offering IP indemnity for its foundation models, enabling partners to be more confident AI creators.

#### Exceptional Customer Care Through AI Solutions

Customers expect seamless experiences and quick answers to their questions, making customer service a top generative AI priority. Companies can integrate AI-powered customer care commercial solutions to meet these expectations. Watsonx enables enterprises to generate conversation transcripts with live agents or automate Q&A sessions and obtain concise conversation summaries, extract key information, and classify interactions, such as conducting sentiment analysis.

#### Streamline Your Procurement Process Using Watsonx

Organizations can streamline their procurement process by embedding AI technology into enterprise solutions. For example, AI-infused supply chain management solutions, developed by ISVs using Watsonx, can help connect disparate processes and data, making end-to-end solutions more integrated.

#### Partner Success Stories

Numerous IBM partners have leveraged Watsonx to create innovative solutions. WellnessWits is using Watsonx Assistant to create a virtual care solution connecting patients to chronic disease specialists. Ubotica is using Watsonx in its CogniSAT platform to deploy AI models to satellites for observational use cases. Additionally, Krista Software helped its client Zimperium build a mobile-first security platform using embedded AI solutions.

### Benefits of Building with IBM

ISVs who partner with IBM receive more than just functionality. The company assists partners in creating a solution architecture for embedding AI technology, exploring monetization, and providing technical resources. IBM’s partner program offers a variety of resources and benefits, including the IBM Digital Self-Serve Co-Create Experience, the IBM Ecosystem Engineering Build Lab, and the IBM Sales Partner Advocacy Program, among others.


Q: What are the three components of Watsonx?
A: The three components of Watsonx are watsonx.ai, watsonx.data, and watsonx.governance.

Q: What benefits does building with IBM offer to partners?
A: Partners who work with IBM receive assistance in creating a solution architecture for embedding AI technology, exploring monetization, and accessing technical resources.

Q: How does Watsonx help streamline the procurement process?
A: By embedding AI technology, Watsonx can assist in connecting disparate processes and data into integrated end-to-end solutions, streamlining the procurement process.


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