Strong Partnership is Key to Accelerating the Adoption of AI

8:30 am
August 1, 2023

According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), 75% of CEOs believe that their competitive advantage will depend on having the most advanced generative AI. However, many organizations are not ready to adopt AI due to a lack of in-house proficiency and the high cost of reskilling. To address this challenge, IBM has emphasized the importance of partnerships with access to accurate, scalable, and adaptable AI technology.

IBM Partner Plus: Unlocking the Power of AI Through Collaboration

IBM Partner Plus, introduced in 2023, focuses on expertise as the path to partner growth. It provides partners with access to IBM resources, incentives, and support, leading to over 3,000 new registered partners in the past six months. IBM also prioritizes education, with over 70,000 enrollments in IBM badges and more than 40,000 completed badges, demonstrating the high demand for AI-based solutions.

Equipping Partners with Time-Tested AI

In addition to the expertise gap, the cost of building ML and AI models from scratch is another barrier to AI adoption. IBM offers partners tools, applications, and libraries to embed proven AI technology into their own solutions. For example, partners can utilize IBM Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Watson Discovery to enhance application experiences and automate core business workflows. IBM’s collaboration with SAP is a recent example of embedding AI capabilities to boost decision-making and productivity.

Partners at the Center of Watsonx

In May, IBM launched watsonx, an enterprise-ready AI and data platform. Partners have shown significant interest in the technology to access enterprise-grade AI and meet client demand. The launch of watsonx has inspired IBM to provide watsonx skills, proficiency badges, product training, and marketing kits to partners. Additionally, IBM has published generative AI educational courses and content for developers and IT practitioners interested in building their AI skills.

Continued Investment in Partners and Expertise

IBM continues to invest in developing expertise and specialization opportunities for partners. The goal is to position partners at the forefront of the competitive landscape, promoting innovation and modernization with AI and hybrid cloud. IBM encourages partners to leverage the available resources and play a central role in the IBM Ecosystem, driving mutual success in today’s AI-driven world.


1. Why is partnership important for accelerating AI adoption?

Partnerships are crucial for accelerating AI adoption because they provide access to AI technology and expertise that organizations may lack in-house. Through collaboration, companies can leverage the resources and skills of their partners to quickly access and deploy AI solutions, resulting in faster adoption and competitive advantage.

2. How does IBM support its partners in adopting AI?

IBM supports its partners in adopting AI through the IBM Partner Plus program. This program offers partners access to IBM resources, incentives, and support, enabling them to enhance their expertise and capabilities in AI. Additionally, IBM provides tools, applications, and libraries that partners can use to embed proven AI technology into their own solutions.

3. What is watsonx?

Watsonx is IBM’s enterprise-ready AI and data platform. It provides partners with access to enterprise-grade AI technology and helps them meet the increasing demand for AI-driven solutions. Watsonx offers AI skills, proficiency badges, product training, and marketing kits to partners, empowering them to deliver innovative AI solutions to their clients.


IBM recognizes the importance of partnerships with access to advanced AI technology and expertise in accelerating AI adoption. Through initiatives like IBM Partner Plus and watsonx, IBM is equipping its partners with the resources, support, and training needed to develop AI capabilities and deliver innovative solutions to clients. By leveraging these partnerships, organizations can overcome the challenges of AI adoption and gain a competitive advantage in the evolving business landscape.


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