Closing the Gap in Cybersecurity: Using AI-Powered Log Management to Detect and Respond to Threats

6:28 am
September 28, 2023

A recent study has shown that cyberattacks are on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated, making them harder to prevent and stop. The challenges faced by cybersecurity defenders are numerous, including the sprawl of cloud attack surfaces, complex application environments, information overload from various tools, and the shortage of cybersecurity skills.

This has led to a significant increase in the average cost of a data breach, which reached a record high of $4.45 million in 2023. However, there is hope on the horizon as data also shows that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can greatly enhance security readiness and speed up response time, allowing organizations to minimize the window of a data breach.

In order to effectively combat cyber threats, security leaders need to prioritize greater visibility and speed in their cybersecurity strategies. This requires proactive measures to address the expanding attack surface and enhance threat detection and response capabilities.

A Practical Approach to Security Operations

Modern security operations require purpose-built solutions designed for cloud scale and automation. Legacy systems and architectures often struggle to handle the vast amount of security-related data and alerts generated by the expanding digital footprint. This results in unsustainable costs and performance issues when searching and analyzing threats across massive datasets.

A solution to this problem is a modern log management platform that is optimized for security and compliance use cases. This platform can help organizations modernize their security operations, improve security readiness, and reduce risk in a more cost-effective way. It is particularly beneficial for organizations:

  • Looking for a scalable and cost-efficient solution for compliance and foundational threat detection and investigation needs
  • Lacking the staff and expertise to use complex security solutions, such as SIEMs
  • Needing faster and more efficient search capabilities across disparate data sources for threat hunting and analytics

Log Management and Observability for the Modern SOC

IBM Security QRadar Log Insights is an AI-powered log management and security observability platform designed to meet the needs of modern security operations. It is a cloud-based service available on AWS Marketplace, offering quick onboarding and integrations with various AWS services.

With QRadar Log Insights, security operations teams gain near real-time visibility into their organization’s digital footprint and can respond quickly to potential threats. The platform offers features such as:

  • New Unified Analyst Experience (UAX) across clouds and on-premises
  • Extended threat hunting with federated search and embedded expertise
  • Cloud-scale ingestion to consolidate data in one place
  • Sub-second search speeds for faster threat hunting and analysis
  • High-fidelity findings and insightful visualizations for efficient investigations

Key Use Cases

Accelerate Threat Detection and Response with AI-Powered Unified Analyst Experience (UAX)

QRadar Log Insights provides a simplified and unified analyst experience, allowing security operations teams to visualize and analyze security-related data from different sources. The platform supports lightning-fast searches and analytics across ingested data and third-party tools, enabling efficient incident investigation.

Enable Powerful Threat Hunting with Embedded Expertise

QRadar Log Insights includes an open-source threat hunting language called Kestrel, which integrates federated search, threat intelligence, and analytics. This allows security teams to focus on proactive threat hunting and quickly identify indicators of compromise. The platform also provides a visual builder for creating hunting playbooks and integrated case management to streamline the collection of attack evidence.

Get a Fast Track to Clarity with Single View Visibility and Interactive Dashboards

QRadar Log Insights uses a modern open-source data warehouse for rapid data ingestion, indexing, and analysis. The platform offers customizable dashboards with interactive visualizations, providing near real-time insights from ingested data. These insights can be used to identify and respond to threats effectively.

Manage Security and Compliance Costs

QRadar Log Insights supports flexible data storage options, allowing organizations to optimize storage costs based on their specific needs and compliance requirements.

Working Faster and Smarter with QRadar Log Insights

QRadar Log Insights offers numerous benefits to organizations, including the modernization of security operations, cost management, increased analyst productivity, and reduced risk. To learn more about the platform and experience its capabilities, you can explore a click-through demo of QRadar Log Insights.

For more information on the QRadar suite of security products, visit the QRadar Log Insights page.


What is QRadar Log Insights?

QRadar Log Insights is an AI-powered log management and security observability platform designed to meet the needs of modern security operations. It offers near real-time visibility into an organization’s digital footprint and provides features such as unified analyst experience, threat hunting capabilities, interactive dashboards, and cost management options.

How can QRadar Log Insights help improve cybersecurity?

QRadar Log Insights can enhance cybersecurity by providing greater visibility into potential threats, enabling faster detection and response, and improving the efficiency of security operations. The platform’s AI-powered capabilities and automation features help organizations close the gap in cybersecurity and reduce the risk of costly data breaches.

What are the key benefits of using QRadar Log Insights?

The key benefits of using QRadar Log Insights include improved security readiness, reduced risk of data breaches, increased analyst productivity, cost optimization through flexible storage options, and the ability to quickly identify and respond to threats through advanced threat hunting capabilities. The platform offers a holistic and efficient approach to cybersecurity operations.

How can QRadar Log Insights be implemented?

QRadar Log Insights is a cloud-based service available on AWS Marketplace. Organizations can easily onboard the platform and integrate it with various AWS services, making it quick and convenient to implement. QRadar Log Insights can be customized to meet specific requirements and is designed for ease of use by security operations teams.


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