Unlocking Innovation and Future-Proofing Your Business with a Modern Digital Infrastructure

10:50 am
September 15, 2023

In the midst of the digital revolution, businesses around the world are striving to deliver seamless digital experiences through data-driven automation. However, many struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. To overcome this challenge, IBM is helping organizations make informed architectural decisions that will future-proof their businesses and enable limitless possibilities.

The Four Core Imperatives for a Future-Ready Business

To ensure long-term value creation, IBM emphasizes four core imperatives for a future-ready business:

  • Create freely: Simplify hybrid cloud landscapes to grant strategic freedom in distributing, running, and connecting workloads and IT resources.
  • Create quickly: Deliver on-demand IT solutions composed from selected services, consuming only what is necessary and when it is needed.
  • Create securely: Prioritize data fluidity across digital-value chains, ensuring seamless access and integration with built-in security and compliance controls.
  • Create intelligently: Architect AI for scalability, enabling organizations to train and run compute-intensive AI applications for enhanced performance, agility, and sustainability.

Embracing these imperatives requires a fresh approach to digital transformation. By designing a digital services platform, businesses can simplify value creation and leverage an as-a-service experience tailored to specific workload requirements. This approach empowers organizations with strategic freedom in managing data, workloads, and technology, fostering innovation while maintaining control over risk and cost.

A Roadmap for Your Business

IBM works with clients at various stages of their transformative journey. For example, Ecogas, an IBM client, successfully deployed SAP HANA 2.0 in a hybrid environment using IBM Power10 servers, providing high-quality digital services to over one million people. IBM encourages clients to consider moving their business systems to IBM Power Virtual Server and utilizing IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 to dynamically scale on-premises compute resources to accommodate fluctuations in business volumes.

If you want to explore further, IBM sponsors a research paper by Moor Insights that provides a roadmap for conquering the last mile of digital transformation. You can access the paper here: “Conquering the Last Mile of Digital Transformation”


What is a future-ready digital infrastructure?

A future-ready digital infrastructure is an IT architecture that enables organizations to prioritize business outcomes while rapidly adapting to technological advancements. It focuses on simplifying hybrid cloud landscapes, delivering on-demand IT solutions, ensuring data fluidity and security, and architecting artificial intelligence for scalability.

How does IBM assist businesses in future-proofing their operations?

IBM helps businesses make informed architectural decisions that align with the four core imperatives for a future-ready business. These decisions involve simplifying hybrid cloud landscapes, delivering on-demand IT solutions, prioritizing data fluidity and security, and architecting AI applications for scalability.

What is the importance of digital transformation?

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to thrive in today’s digital age. It allows organizations to leverage data-driven automation, deliver seamless digital experiences, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.


As businesses navigate the digital revolution, IBM provides guidance on how to unlock innovation and future-proof operations with a modern digital infrastructure. By embracing the four core imperatives of creating freely, creating quickly, creating securely, and creating intelligently, organizations can prioritize business outcomes while effectively leveraging new technologies. With a strategic approach to digital transformation, businesses can simplify value creation and drive innovation while maintaining control over risk and cost.


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