Tennis, NFL Fantasy Football, and IBM Watsonx: A Powerful Partnership

5:13 am
September 9, 2023

The US Open and ESPN Fantasy Football have become iconic events for sports enthusiasts around the world. Behind the scenes, IBM, through its AI and data platform called watsonx, is working with these partners to enhance the digital experiences for millions of fans.

IBM’s collaboration with the US Open spans nearly a decade, with the introduction of AI-infused features to the tournament’s digital app. This year, thanks to watsonx, the process has been smoother than ever before. IBM Consulting added spoken commentary to match highlights using the platform, incorporating features like connecting data sets, training a large language model for translation, and ensuring AI commentary accuracy over time.

For ESPN Fantasy Football, IBM utilized the foundation models found in watsonx to develop an AI model that assists fantasy team managers in making better decisions. The AI understands team weaknesses and recommends available players that can strengthen the lineup.

These partnerships highlight the versatility of watsonx, as the technology addresses various business objectives. For the US Open, it enhances the digital experience of tennis fans with AI-generated insights. For ESPN, it aids in the decision-making process for fantasy team managers. The success of these collaborations not only showcases the impact of watsonx but also demonstrates its potential to address broader business challenges faced by IBM’s clients.

As the US Open and ESPN Fantasy Football continue to engage millions of fans, it is crucial to have enterprise-grade AI models in place. IBM Consulting and watsonx are dedicated to delivering robust solutions for these high-profile events, ensuring a seamless digital experience for users.

The power of technology and sports is an exciting combination, and IBM, with watsonx, is playing a significant role in shaping these immersive experiences.


What is watsonx?

Watsonx is IBM’s AI and data platform designed to create advanced solutions for a wide range of industries and business objectives.

How does IBM collaborate with the US Open?

IBM has been incorporating AI into the US Open digital app for nearly a decade, providing fans with enhanced experiences and AI-generated insights.

What is IBM’s contribution to ESPN Fantasy Football?

IBM utilizes the AI capabilities of watsonx to develop an AI model that assists fantasy team managers in making better decisions and strengthening their lineups.

How does watsonx address broader business challenges?

Watsonx can be customized to address various business objectives, such as improving customer service experiences or identifying and obtaining the best talent for an organization.


IBM’s AI and data platform, watsonx, is powering the digital experiences of the US Open and ESPN Fantasy Football. Through this partnership, IBM is delivering AI-generated insights for tennis fans and assisting fantasy team managers in making better decisions. Watsonx showcases the potential to address broader business challenges, offering robust solutions for IBM’s clients.


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