Six ways AI can influence the future of customer service

4:18 pm
December 7, 2023

### Summary:
The future of customer service is evolving, and artificial intelligence (AI) is set to play a significant role in reshaping the landscape. As customer expectations continue to grow, organizations are increasingly turning to AI to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. From AI-assisted human representatives to generative AI-based customer service team training, AI is influencing customer service in several ways. IBM, a leader in this space, is utilizing AI to transform customer and field service, creating more human-like, conversational responses and enhancing call center operations and data analytics.

The Impact of AI on the Future of Customer Service

Customer service is evolving, and AI is at the forefront of this transformation. According to a recent report, approximately 80% of customer service and support organizations are expected to leverage generative AI technology to enhance customer service experiences. In response to increasing customer expectations, organizations are recognizing AI as a crucial tool for improving customer experience and ensuring customer loyalty.

### How AI is Shaping the Future of Customer Service

**Addressing Customer Turnover:** The use of generative AI and other AI technologies is pivotal in combating customer turnover, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

**AI-assisted Human Representatives:** AI is becoming an integral part of the contact center, empowering human support teams with tools like generative AI to enhance customer interactions.

**AI-based Customer Service Trends:** Six AI-based customer service trends are set to revolutionize customer service, including generative AI-based team training, AI-driven personalization, generative AI call scripts, conversational AI bots, AI-driven insights from customer data, and generative AI-based FAQs.

**IBM and the future of customer service:** IBM has been at the forefront of using AI to transform customer and field service. With its enterprise-ready AI and data platform, and conversational AI solution, IBM is partnering with businesses to enhance customer service experiences and optimize call center operations and data analytics.


1. **What is generative AI?**
Generative AI refers to AI technology that is capable of creating original content by understanding and imitating patterns from existing data. In the context of customer service, it can be used for various applications such as training customer service teams and generating personalized responses.

2. **How can AI-driven personalization benefit customer satisfaction?**
AI-driven personalization allows organizations to meet customer needs proactively, providing personalized recommendations and information based on individual customer profiles, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

3. **How does IBM leverage AI in customer service?**
IBM utilizes AI, including generative AI and conversational AI solutions, to transform customer and field service by understanding complex inquiries, generating human-like responses, and optimizing call center operations and data analytics.

4. **What are conversational AI bots?**
Conversational AI bots are advanced chatbots that can react to customer inputs in real-time, providing more engaging and personalized experiences for customers seeking self-service support.

5. **How does AI-driven insights from customer data benefit organizations?**
AI excels at identifying patterns and insights from vast amounts of customer data, enabling organizations to make smarter decisions, improve customer service strategies, and proactively address customer needs and concerns.


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