IBM Partnership with ESPN and Eli Manning: AI-Powered Insights for Fantasy Football

11:33 pm
September 20, 2023

In a recent interview, two-time champion Eli Manning discussed his partnership with IBM and ESPN, highlighting the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in analyzing data for ESPN Fantasy Football team owners. Manning has been instrumental in helping spread awareness of these AI-generated insights and explaining the technology behind them in a relatable manner. Manning revealed that professional football teams are highly invested in technology, utilizing advanced tools to turn data into actionable insights for coaches and players.

Manning admitted that he didn’t have much exposure to AI during his quarterbacking days. However, through his collaboration with IBM, he spent a day at IBM Research delving into AI, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, and quantum computing. He acknowledged that while he understood only a fraction of the concepts, it still surpassed the knowledge of most people.

Manning predicts that AI will revolutionize the game of football by making teams smarter and faster. Instead of spending hours studying film, AI can instantly analyze games, offer injury reports, and aggregate expert opinions. Coupled with human analysis, these AI-powered insights can have a profound impact on game strategy and decision-making.

Reflecting on his experience playing ESPN Fantasy Football with AI-generated insights, Manning admitted that he learned a lot about managing a fantasy team. He emphasized the power of AI in finding the ideal players among the vast pool of options and predicting player performances. Manning believes that this technology will not only transform football management but also impact various aspects of our daily lives.

The partnership between IBM, ESPN, and Eli Manning showcases the potential of AI in sports analytics, providing fans and professionals with unprecedented access to valuable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does IBM AI help ESPN Fantasy Football team owners?

IBM’s powerful AI models, built with Watson, analyze massive data sets to generate insights that assist ESPN Fantasy Football team owners in managing their teams. These AI-generated insights provide valuable information about players, performance predictions, and strategic recommendations.

What role does Eli Manning play in the partnership between IBM and ESPN?

Eli Manning has been collaborating with IBM to promote awareness of the AI-generated insights for ESPN Fantasy Football. He helps explain the technology to a broader audience and shares his personal experiences with AI and its impact on the game of football.

How will AI change the game of football?

AI is expected to make football teams smarter and faster by providing instantaneous analysis of games, injury reports, and expert opinions. This technology will revolutionize game strategies and decision-making for coaches and players.

What benefits does AI offer in fantasy football?

AI-powered insights in fantasy football can assist team owners in making informed decisions about player selection, predicting performances, and strategizing their lineups. This technology improves the overall fantasy football experience and helps users make data-driven choices.


Eli Manning, in an interview, discussed his partnership with IBM and ESPN, focusing on the role of AI in generating insights for ESPN Fantasy Football team owners. Manning highlighted the advanced technology used by professional football teams and expressed his excitement about the potential impact of AI on the game. He credited IBM’s AI-generated insights for enhancing his own fantasy football experience and acknowledged the transformative power of AI in various domains beyond football.


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