How data storage and governance impact the effectiveness of AI initiatives

7:27 pm
October 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers numerous capabilities such as content generation, task automation, and large-scale classification, making it beneficial in various industries. However, implementing AI is only one part of the equation. Organizations must also understand the importance of data storage and governance in order to ensure the efficient and responsible management of AI initiatives.

The tasks involved in AI lifecycle management

Efficient and responsible AI lifecycle management requires attention to several key tasks:

Connecting AI models to different data sources

AI models rely on vast amounts of data for training. Data scientists need to be able to access training data regardless of its location across a hybrid infrastructure. Additionally, models need reliable access to historical and real-time data for generating content and making recommendations.

Scaling AI models and analytics with trusted data

As AI models grow and expand in their capabilities, they need the ability to connect to new data sources without affecting performance or compromising systems and processes.

Securing AI models and their access to data

AI models require flexible access to data while also ensuring protection against tampering and unauthorized manipulation. Measures must be in place to minimize the risk of data breaches.

Monitoring AI models for bias and drift

AI models are built on machine learning algorithms and can exhibit bias or drift over time. It is important to continuously monitor models for these issues to maintain accuracy and fairness.

Ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies

Organizations must comply with various data regulations and internal policies regarding the storage and use of data for AI models. Visibility and control over AI models are crucial for compliance.

Accounting for the complexities of the AI lifecycle

Traditional data storage and governance tools are insufficient for managing the intricacies of AI initiatives. To maximize the benefits of AI while minimizing costs and complexities, organizations need AI-optimized data storage capabilities combined with a tailored data governance program.

AI-optimized data stores enable scalable AI workloads

In order to support AI models’ need for secure and reliable data access, organizations require data stores built on open data lakehouse architectures. These architectures combine the performance and usability of data warehouses with the flexibility and scalability of data lakes. For example, IBM offers an open data lakehouse solution that helps organizations process large volumes of data efficiently, reduce costs, and ensure data quality and security.

AI governance delivers transparency and accountability

Transparent AI governance processes allow organizations to integrate AI models into their workflows responsibly. IBM watsonx.governance, for instance, streamlines model processes, detects risks, ensures data quality, and promotes ethical and compliant practices. It enables organizations to assess model performance, follow ethical guidelines, and provide documentation for transparency and auditability.

Fit-for-purpose data stores and AI governance promote responsible AI

By combining AI-optimized data stores with AI governance practices, organizations can benefit from responsible AI. Responsible AI practices ensure fairness, compliance with regulations, and the ability to explain model outcomes. This approach minimizes bias, enhances security and privacy, and enables organizations to confidently demonstrate compliance.

In summary

Effective data storage and governance are vital for the success of AI initiatives. Organizations should prioritize AI-optimized data stores and comprehensive AI governance practices to maximize the benefits of AI while upholding ethical standards, compliance, and transparency.


Why is data storage important for AI initiatives?

Data storage is essential for AI initiatives because AI models rely on vast amounts of data for training and generating accurate outputs. Efficient and secure access to data is crucial for the effectiveness and reliability of AI models.

What is AI governance?

AI governance refers to the processes and practices that ensure responsible and ethical use of AI within an organization. It involves monitoring and managing AI models throughout their lifecycle, detecting biases and drift, and ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies.

How can responsible AI benefit organizations?

Responsible AI practices minimize unintended bias, enhance security and privacy, and enable organizations to confidently demonstrate compliance with regulations. It also helps organizations stay ahead of changing government regulations, avoid reputational damage, and make informed business decisions based on transparent and explainable AI models.


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