Automate Operations for Faster Incident Resolution and Cost Efficiency

7:26 pm
October 3, 2023

IT departments face increasing demands for continuous performance and improved customer experiences while minimizing costs. However, maintaining application performance, especially in modern cloud-native environments, can be challenging. Additionally, cloud costs can quickly escalate, and IT teams often spend more time fixing issues than innovating. To address these challenges, IBM offers integrated solutions with IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic that provide real-time observability, control, and cost optimization. By automating operations, organizations can scale more efficiently, build trust in automation, and strike a balance between application performance and cost.

IT Complexity and Balancing App Performance with Cost

Modern applications are dynamic and distributed across various infrastructures and technologies, including hybrid and multicloud environments. However, many organizations operate with siloed teams, tools, and fragmented data, making it difficult to achieve a truly dynamic and optimized approach. This not only leads to added expenses but also increases the average cost of downtime and wasted cloud spend. To maximize the value of applications, organizations need integrated solutions that enable operationalizing IT automation at scale.

Real-time Observability for Enhanced Problem Resolution

IBM Instana provides deep visibility into applications and infrastructure for faster problem identification and resolution. With automated full-stack visibility and high-fidelity data, Instana goes beyond traditional application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. It extends observability to all teams involved in DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps, and development. This ensures that anyone can access the relevant data with the necessary context to address incidents effectively.

Automation for Optimal App Performance at Lower Costs

IBM Turbonomic offers continuous optimization through automated actions without the need for human intervention. By eliminating unnecessary resource provision and overspending, Turbonomic ensures that each application receives the required resources at the right time. This prevents performance issues and maximizes the efficiency of compute, storage, and network resources across all layers of the tech stack.

Transitioning from Reactive to Preventative Practices

Traditionally, organizations have relied on slow processes such as email and meetings to address incidents. However, with the high cost of downtime, it is crucial to transition from reactive to preventative approaches. By combining IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic, organizations can leverage integrated metrics and dynamic topology to fuel action recommendations. Teams can take immediate action through the Instana user interface and gradually automate based on data-backed insights. This iterative process builds confidence in automation and enables organizations to achieve automation at a scale beyond human capabilities.


IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic offer real-time observability, control, and optimization capabilities to automate operations. By operationalizing elasticity, organizations can achieve faster incident resolution, cost efficiency, and improved application performance. With deep visibility and high-fidelity data, Instana enables effective problem resolution for all teams involved. Turbonomic ensures optimal resource usage without human intervention, preventing performance issues and unnecessary expenses. By transitioning from reactive to preventative practices, organizations can build trust in automation and strike a balance between performance and cost.


What is observability in IT?

Observability in IT refers to the ability to gain deep visibility and understanding into applications and infrastructure. It involves real-time monitoring, data collection, and analysis to identify issues or performance bottlenecks promptly.

How does automation help with application performance and cost optimization?

Automation allows for continuous optimization of resources, ensuring that each application receives the necessary resources when needed. By eliminating overprovisioning and overspending, organizations can achieve optimal performance at a lower cost.

Why is it important to transition from reactive to preventative practices in IT?

Reactive practices often lead to longer incident resolution times and higher costs. Transitioning to preventative practices allows organizations to proactively address issues, minimize downtime, and reduce additional expenses caused by prolonged incidents.

How do IBM Instana and IBM Turbonomic work together?

IBM Instana provides deep visibility and data insights, while IBM Turbonomic offers automated actions for resource optimization. Together, they enable organizations to leverage data-backed recommendations and gradually automate processes for faster incident resolution and cost efficiency.


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