Kraken and Cardano forge alliance amidst Memeinator presale surge

2:06 pm
November 13, 2023

**Kraken and Cardano on the Brink of Partnership Amidst Memeinator Presale Boom**

Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind behind Cardano Blockchain, has hinted at a potential collaboration with Kraken, a leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, aiming to jointly develop an advanced Layer-2 (L2) blockchain network amid the ongoing surge in the Memeinator presale, which has raised $1,303,398 so far.

Kraken is actively searching for a skilled blockchain developer in a bid to bolster its technological capabilities, aligning with the growing trend of expanding into blockchain technology development. This endeavor to launch its own Layer-2 network underscores Kraken’s aspiration to explore new sources of revenue and fortify its position in the rapidly evolving digital currency landscape.

Kraken’s move towards a Layer-2 network mirrors the broader industry trend, as major players increasingly venture into blockchain technology development. This shift signifies not only a strategic pivot for cryptocurrency exchanges but also emphasizes their commitment to embracing the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

In a competitive landscape for blockchain partnerships, Kraken is evaluating several leading blockchain technology firms, including Polygon and Matter Labs, leaving the potential partnership with Cardano in suspense. However, Charles Hoskinson remains upbeat about the potential collaboration, envisioning a path to success for Kraken akin to Coinbase’s experience with Layer-2 networks, highlighting the growing interest in Layer-2 networks among major cryptocurrency entities and their dedication to innovation and growth within the blockchain technology ecosystem.

Coinbase’s collaboration with Optimism to build the OP Stack for its Layer-2 network, Base, has set a notable precedent in the industry. This partnership has resulted in substantial improvements in decentralized application efficiency and user experiences on the Ethereum platform, underscoring Coinbase’s commitment to transparency through open-sourcing Base’s code and the industry’s collaborative approach to enhancing Layer-2 networks.

Meanwhile, the meme coin market is witnessing its own surge with the ongoing Memeinator presale, as the project leverages AI technology, powerful viral marketing, and a mission to eliminate sub-par memes. The presale aims to raise $1,504,310, with the current stage at $1,303,398, and includes the launch of innovative products like the Memescanner and the Memeinator Game, adding layers to its potential success. Investors eyeing the Memeinator presale are witnessing the MMTR token’s value on the ascent, underscoring growing interest and demand for MMTR tokens.

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1. **What is a Layer-2 blockchain network?**
A Layer-2 blockchain network is a secondary framework built on top of an existing blockchain, aiming to enhance scalability, efficiency, and reduce transaction costs.

2. **What is the Memeinator presale?**
The Memeinator presale is a funding phase for the Memeinator project, a meme coin focused on leveraging AI technology and viral marketing to dominate the meme trading space.

3. **What is the MMTR token?**
The MMTR token is the native cryptocurrency of the Memeinator project, and its presale is witnessing a surge in value, reflecting growing investor interest.

4. **What is the significance of the potential partnership between Kraken and Cardano?**
The potential collaboration between Kraken and Cardano signals the industry’s increasing focus on developing advanced blockchain networks and the pursuit of innovative solutions in the cryptocurrency landscape.


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